Life Lessons from Tayshia – The Bachelorette Recap featuring Why? The Podcast


Heidi Hedquist and Luke Poling from Why? The Podcast co-host this week’s episode of The LovePod to recap the end of Clare Crawley’s journey with Dale Moss on The Bachelorette as we share some life lessons on what not to do when dating 25 guys at once, aka how to lose a guy in 10 hours. Listen now to not only hear why Yosef is the worst and to discover what a “wildlife manager” actually does, but also for spoilers and to learn whether or not you too can get your censors enlarged when playing naked dodgeball. Our thanks to special Bachelorette guest Margaret Cho for being the light at the end of this dark, dark tunnel, and of course to the inspiration for our own Bachelorette roast, Rachel and Quinn, aka Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer from Unreal on Lifetime. Follow The LovePod Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. 

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