The Circle’s Alex aka Adam, Softhaus founder Gina, and Love is Blind alum Andy Rickert


This week, Nikki and Dina are back with Andy Rickert from Love is Blind filling in for Jordan, in our special The Circle x Love is Blind Crossover! Special guests Alex Lake aka Adam from The Circle and his wife Gina Rockenwagner step into the Pod to talk about the show, long distance relationships while on reality TV, and everything else under the sun including tips from Alex and Andy on how to get cast on a reality TV show. Be sure to follow our guests on social media. For Alex, you can find him @a__lake on Instagram; Gina can be found @ginarockenwagner or her clothing brand @softhaus, and Andy is on Insta @AndyRickert1. Follow The LovePod on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. If you love the show, please leave us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts. Special thanks to our sponsor, Hero Cosmetics. Use the code LOVEPOD15 to get an exclusive 15% off for LovePod listeners. All sponsorship funds will be donated to non-profits close to The LovePod’s hearts, so please support our wonderful sponsors and our efforts to support the Black Lives Matter Movement on our PodBlog. 

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