Drop It Like It’s Hot Part – I Reality TV May-gay-sode with the 90 Day Gays


Our very special end of the month megasode (May-gasode) features some of our favorite gossip queens, Jake Anthony and Matt Marr aka Poodle and Matty from the 90 Day Gays podcast. We couldn’t decide which show to spill the tea on so enjoy dirt on all your favorite dating disaster reality shows this week; Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, Too Hot to Handle and of course, all things 90 Day Fiancee. Pull out those earmuffs because this episode is NOT kid friendly. Check out the 90 Day Gays Podcast and join the Sissy Squad at https://sissythattalk.com. Special thanks to our sponsor, Let’s Get Checked for keeping us up to date with at home health tests.

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